Sky Oh!

I have, like, no idea what has happened to my family!  My man rewards bad behavior, my son can’t remember a simple repetitive chore he’s been responsible for more than 3 years and my daughter answers every question about her life with a tantrum.

I hope they’re just going through a phase.


More on Kids

So, my last post was actually about a month ago, although I didn’t realize I had saved it as a draft instead of publishing it.

So, a month has passed.  I got another cord of wood on Thursday, the 8th. First I had to spend the day clearing snow from the driveway so the woodsman could bring his truck up. It’s just your average Econoline panel van, and, actually, coming up the driveway isn’t so bad, because he’s got a half a cord of wood in the back (he makes two trips). But, going down, he’s empty, and it can be slippery.

Anyhoo…  I hauled and stacked wood on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today.  By myself.  Thanks, everyone!

Yesterday, an odd thing happened:  Angela came to our house after spending about 4 days at school.  She had interviewed for a hostessing job at a local restaurant, and taken care of some other odds and ends, I imagine.  So, she came into our bedroom and told us that they wanted her to work from 4 to 10:30, three nights a week, so she turned them down.  She said she can’t work that many hours in a week, because it would interfere with her studies.  Okay, I thought, so I asked, “well, how many hours a week do you want to work?”  And, she threw me such a dirty look and answered, “I don’t know”.

“Nineteen?”, I asked?

She grabbed her things and stormed off in a huff.

“Eighteen?”, I thought to myself?

Why are kids assholes?

I “googled” this today. There was no shortage of hits. While discussing this with Karl, he said he didn’t want our children growing up resenting and mocking us like we do to our own parents. I said, “we don’t resent our parents for making us study for SATs or quizzing us on our math and English. We resent them for beating us with sticks”.

Jay says he doesn’t like it. He says he just want’s to do his own studying and let the chips fall where they may. I don’t agree with the idea. Karl thinks it’s fine. He also thinks we can use the “honor system” when it comes to chores. That means, if you see that it needs doing, do it.

Saturday I carried 5,000 pounds of split wood and stacked it in the racks behind the house. Also under the big tables in the yellow room. Also some by the fire. Oh, and the remainder on the childrens play whatsit. In the fall I raked and blew leaves down the driveway about 6 times. No one else did it at all. Every day I feed pets, clean up after then, remove dishes from places they don’t belong, I sweep and mop, clean things and vacuum. I must be a mom.

I think that kids need rules and structure. Karl says that never worked before, why should it now? I’m not willing to give up on the kids’ academics, or chores, or general citizenship. But, why are kids such assholes? I’m working on that.

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Testing, one, two, three…

I’ve discovered Nanny and the Professor on Hulu.  You may think it’s corny as heck, but it’s actually one of the most thoughtful family shows ever.  Try it!

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